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Pro Vegg krok


Tilbudet slutter 30.01.2021

Pro Vegg Krok

Heng sykkelen på veggen etter forhjulet. Enkelt og ryddig.


Bike Storage Hook For All Wheel Sizes
Save space in your garage or shed by hanging your bike by the front wheel on the PRO Wall Mounted Bike Rack Hook. It can wall-mount most bikes out of harm's way and offers a convenient, space-saving way for it to co-exist in harmony with all of life's other essentials in your home. It fits all wheel sizes including 29er and 75mm and can be mounted to either wall or beam.

• PRO Wall Mounting Bike Rack Hook
• Hangs your bike by the front wheel
• Wall or beam mounting options
• Saves space in the garage or shed
• Convenient and easy-to-use
• Non-slip padded hook
• Fits all wheel sizes (even 29" and 75mm)
• Mount screws and wall plugs included
• PRO Bikegear (Shimano's own cockpit and accessory brand)


• Base Plate Dimensions: 250 x 50 mm
• Hook Arm Thickness: 9.3mm
• Weight: 491g (including retail packaging)
• Product Code: PRAC0093 | PRO-12-006-04
• Country of Manufacture: Taiwan